about designer jordan jon hodgson
about designer jordan jon hodgson about designer jordan jon hodgson about designer jordan jon hodgson
‘One to watch’ BritishGQ 2013
‘Rising star’ BlueprintMagazine 2013
Jordan Jon Hodgson is a London based designer obsessed with the metaverse of
emerging realities. Originally trained in architecture at the Royal College of
He exploits new technologies with an enthuses on 3Dprinting to realize these
ideas through design specializing in architecture, jewellery, ornament, virtual
set design and digital image production.
Jordan Jon was the designer behind Alain de Botton's highly acclaimed 'Temple
for Atheism' and the accompanying book Religion for Atheists.
Other clients he has successfully delivered work for include: Selfridge's, V&A
museum, the Old Vic, Becks, Perm Opera Russia and Zaha Hadid.
Other current ventures include House of Jonn, LJ & PlagueProjects.
His work often spans many disciplines and as a rule Jordan Jon is always excited
to discuss collaborations & commissions with individuals and brands.
e/ j@jordanjonhodgson.com
t/ +44(0)7707230426
Born in Barnsley, Jordan Jon first moved to Leeds to study Architecture at Leeds
metropolitan University, graduating with top honors and 2 award winning projects.
He then embarked on achieving his Masters in Architecture at the Royal College of
Art graduating with a distinction in 2009. His graduate work was highly
celebrated and nominated for several awards including the 3Dreid, Conran and RIBA
silver medal.
Upon graduating he founded House of Jonn, a critical design practice focused on
innovative solutions to rhetorical questions. During this time Jordan Jon won a
year long creative residency at the Hospital club.
Jordan Jon Hodgson was launched in winter of 2013.
1/ a book is probaly not worth reading unless is has a dragon in it
2/ Hufflepuff. you might as well be a muggle
3/ it’s all about the 4C’s
content. composure. control. critic.
4/ 4 is the best number
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