London based designer Jordan Jon Hodgson and New York based artist Alice Waese have come together to
produce an inspired range of works called ‘'the dead pet funeral'.
The collection includes a 3Dprinted pet urn in copper for a domestic Garter snake and a series of ink &
water colour paintings of pet souls expanding from their mortal vessels.
The urn has been exhibited at last years 3Dprinted show in London and the drawings have respectively
been exhibited in Japan.
They decided to collaborate after sharing a London studio together and discussing the animals they grew
up with and what they represented to them as a child and the interpretation of that meaning into
The inspiration for Jordan Jon behind the urn, came from the knowledge that Alice had a pet Garter snake
growing up.
The delicate skeletal structure of the snake forms the main pillars in which a central vessel containing
the snakes cremated ashes are stored. The vessel’s volume has been precisely calculated to hold the
exact amount of ash for an average size Garter snake. Further adornments include a multitude of cultural
references to death.
Alices watercolour and ink series includes one funeral and series of souls. Pets are depicted in ink
with their colourful liquid, abstract souls in a wash of watercolor.
The concept was to explore the emotional meaning behind these relationships, death being an emotional
high / low and a time of reflection. They explored this issue through cultural rituals normally
exclusively enacted for a human death but re-imagined for a pet’s. This being a wider comment on the
status of pet’s as honoured family members within our society.
These objects may represent the death of a pet but are infact celebrating the life and love of the
animals by showing the value of which has been bestowed on their lives.
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