SKY GOD BOOSTER - 3Dprinted jewellery collection
jewellery collection SKY GOD BOOSTER
3dprinted jewellery collection sky god booster by designer jordan jon hodgson
A refreshing reboot of the Guardian Angel pendant
introduces a set of 3 angels derived from the first
sphere of the angelic hierarchy, these include:
The Seraphim's, the highest of all celestial beings. The
Cherubim, in which Satan himself fell from their ranks
and The Thrones, the living symbols of Gods justice and
These are the mightiness of all the angels and the
biblical references describe their physical awesomeness
as being very alien to our common perception of angels.
The traditional belief is by wearing a guardian angel
pendant it can help to protect and guide one through
Digitally mastered designs. Produced utilizing the latest
in 3Dprinting technology to achieve intricacy that would
not be feasible otherwise. 
Angel From Heaven
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